Anne Cahill’s Roof in LaGrange, IL

Anne Cahill lives in LaGrange, IL. Here’s her sad story:

The 30-year-warranty shingles failed after twelve years. I filed a claim under the class action lawsuit and got nothing.

You may wonder why the section of the roof on the right doesn’t show as much wear. I explain that inside Roofing Ripoff. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
It’s just unacceptable for a shingle to wear out this rapidly in light of the fact that shingles years ago lasted three times longer. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Brad Smith’s Roof in Middleton, WI

Brad Smith who lives in Middleton, WI doesn’t mince words. He has the photos tell the tale. He sent to me the following:

The pictures are of what the roof looked like before we replaced it on our condo association five years ago.  The old shingles were not over ten years old or so.

You can see the excessive curling of Brad’s shingles. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
You wouldn’t expect such damage in such a short amount of time. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Mary Johnson’s Roof in Hamilton, MA

Just before publishing Roofing Ripoff, I had received responses from homeowners in all but a handful of states here in the USA and just about every province in Canada.

Here’s one of the first sad stories I received. It was from Mary Johnson who lives in Hamilton, Massachusetts. Here’s what she sent to me:

I paid extra for 30-year shingles. They had a great reputation and cost more. Within five years sections were disintegrating. Other areas still look fine. They are now twelve-years old and I’m going to have to replace them. The company was unresponsive to my questions.

As you can see, some of the shingles are just fine with normal aging. There are patches of severe damage, as if certain bundles were defective. On the backside of the house and garage, the shingles look normal (no shedding). The last photo shows the particles that have been shedding since the first year that the shingles were installed (2003). I sweep up the rubble weekly.

NOTE from Tim Carter: I explain in Roofing Ripoff why the shingles on the backside of Mary’s house look good. You might already have figured out part of the cause.

The shingles speak for themselves. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


These are shingles up on Mary’s house. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Asphalt Shingle Warranty Survey

In early January of 2017 as I was finishing the Roofing Ripoff book, I realized I needed some statistically relevant data about how homeowners felt about the warranties that came with their asphalt shingle roofs.

The following is just one of the questions in the survey.

CLICK THE IMAGE NOW to see all the rest of the questions and survey results. Copyright 2017 Google, Inc.

To see all the questions and all the responses to the survey CLICK HERE.

My guess is you’ll be surprised by some of the answers. I know I was.


Roofing Ripoff Expose’ Book

The spring of 2017 has broken. Tens of thousands of people across the USA and Canada are heartbroken because their asphalt shingle roofs are shedding colored granules and the shingles are curling.

Tim Carter, nationally syndicated columnist and founder of, had it happen to his own roof. He decided to discover why his 30-year-warranty shingle roof started to crumble after just eleven years.

What he discovered is going to make your blood boil.

When he releases his explosive Roofing Ripoff book early spring of 2017, homeowners across the land will rejoice.


Tim discovered a simple thing each homeowner can do to extend the lifespan of their new, newer, or older, but in good condition, asphalt shingle roof for 30, 40 and even 50 years!

CLICK the IMAGE now to discover all that’s inside Roofing Ripoff. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED