Roofing Ripoff Expose’ Book

The spring of 2017 has broken. Tens of thousands of people across the USA and Canada are heartbroken because their asphalt shingle roofs are shedding colored granules and the shingles are curling.

Tim Carter, nationally syndicated columnist and founder of, had it happen to his own roof. He decided to discover why his 30-year-warranty shingle roof started to crumble after just eleven years.

What he discovered is going to make your blood boil.

When he releases his explosive Roofing Ripoff book early spring of 2017, homeowners across the land will rejoice.


Tim discovered a simple thing each homeowner can do to extend the lifespan of their new, newer, or older, but in good condition, asphalt shingle roof for 30, 40 and even 50 years!

CLICK the IMAGE now to discover all that’s inside Roofing Ripoff. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


2 Replies to “Roofing Ripoff Expose’ Book”

  1. What if my roof is already 25 years old has shed some granules will your discovery extend the life of an older roof?

    1. If your roof is in good shape then my discovery will help extend the life of the shingles. The best part is my discovery can be REUSED so if you do have to put a new shingle roof on, you can put back down my discovery on top of your new shingles giving them the maximum chance to perform for decades!

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